When I was a kid, the Lazer Tag by Worlds of Wonder was the coolest thing ever! It was a toy every boy should have.  Lazer Tag was the game everybody wanted to play. You tag your friends with the gun and the electronic sensor strapped on your chest lights up when you’re hit. With all the gadgets that kids have these days, I was convinced that Lazer Tag was lost forever. Not until I saw Hasbro’s Lazer Tag Multiplayer Battle System and the Eyeclops Night Vision goggles by Jakks Pacific. Now, Lazer Tag is as intense as ever!  Here’s the low-down of this excellent toy:  

Price and Specifications: 

  • The Hasbro Lazer Tag Multiplayer System costs $79.99. It might be too expensive for the casual player, but for hard-core taggers like me, that’s not too expensive given the tons of fun I will have zapping my friends!  
  • The system comes with 2 Phoenix LTX guns, 2 Shot Blast customizations, and 2 Pinpoint Sights. Not only is the system cutting-edge, it looks super cool too! No doubt, having these taggers will make your friends drool in envy.  
  • The Video Game mode gives you a single-player experience that will hone your zapping prowess! This is something I really enjoyed. If you don’t friends to play with, you can play with a really smart and intuitive computer A.I . The video game module will really challenge you.  

Product Features: 

Play next-generation Lazer Tag with friends with Hasbro’s Lazer Tag Multiplayer Battle System! The complete set comes with the state-of-the-art Phoenix LTX tagger, Shot Blast customizations with multiple targeting features, and the Pinpoint Sight which ramps up your accuracy. The system also offers Force-feedback which bring another dimension to the whole lazer tag experience. Sensors will vibrate to tell you that you’ve been hit! Let me tell you, getting hit has never felt so real.   Plus, the Phoenix LTX tagger recoils and reloads like a real Lazer gun! So don’t you wait any longer. Tag your friends before they tag you!  Lazer Tag is back with a bang, and it’s definitely here to stay!  

I was obsessively raving about the new Hasbro Lazer Tag Multiplayer Battle System in my previous article. I must admit, I got too excited about the product that I forgot to mention some key features.  Now that I had the time to really test it, it’s a thrill to write more about this amazing new product and the many surprises waiting to jump out of the box! 

What’s Inside the Box: 

  • Two well-designed Phoenix LTX Lazer Guns (one blue, one gold) are included in the set. The pistols look very sleek and modern. Firing the Phoenix LTX is so satisfying because of the loud “Lazer Zap” sound, the realistic recoil, and the flash of light from the gun’s rear. Reloading feels real too. This is done by flipping the handle tabs and sliding the magazine in place. Here’s a surprise that really floored me. The Phoenix LTX can set off a force field that shields you from your enemies for a short while. If you are a deliberate and tactical player like myself, this can be really handy when you’re about to make a run for it because your  opponents are aggressively flanking you.  
  • The Phoenix LTX can be upgraded with a shotgun or rifle attachment putting you ahead of everyone else in the game! You should know that the shotgun attachment makes multiple hits especially in tight places.  The rifle attachment is perfect for sniping your enemies from afar. The extra length and weight of the upgrade makes it fun and real.  
  • The Electronic sight goes into the gun easily. With it, you can snipe your target with deadly accuracy.  
  • Another sweet surprise are the various game modes that the system offers. An electronic female voice informs you of your choices, making mode selection easy and intuitive. You can connect the video game module to a TV for target practice. Want to play one-on-one with a friend? Set the game to “solo”. If that is too easy for you, go to multi-player mode and split up your friends into teams. When everyone is ready, pull the trigger and play!  

Now it’s time to test the product and see if it really delivers what it promises.  

One-on-One With John: 

  • I invited my buddy  John to test the new Phoenix LTXs  the other day. We were excited because we had not played Lazer Tag in 13 years! Anyway, the guns had very long range.  I was able to tag John from 30 to 40 feet away. The electronic sight is perfect for sniping your enemies from far away.   
  • I had played a lot of First-Person-Shooting (FPS) games but nothing beats Lazer Tag! I was always hit. Each came with an annoying sound and a flash of red from the gun’s sensor. When you’re hit, you can’t return fire right away. This is a smart change in Lazer Tag gameplay. This way, a hit has consequences. So it’s best to be tactical and deliberate.  
  • The electronic force field got me out of tight situations.  I was able to move from one cover to another without getting hit. And when it was time to make my move, the few seconds of invincibility were more than enough to get the win.  
  • Using the rifle attachment, I was able to tag John from a distance. I was scoring easily as he moved from cover to cover. However, the shotgun upgrade was not really effective in one-on-one matches. However, the splash beams can come in handy in indoor, multi-player matches. 

Going Multi-player! 

  • John and I teamed up against two of our friends in a multi-player match. However, I relied too much on my shotgun upgrade. Although I was scoring multiple hits, I was taking damage as well. John used the rifle attachment so he was safely targeting our opponents from afar while I was doing all the dirty work.  

In a Nutshell: 

  • Hands down, playing with Hasbro’s new Lazer Tag Multiplayer Battle System was the most fun I’ve had in years. It is not only fun for kids, but for grown-ups as well.  

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